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Welcome to the 1 Simple Thing Podcast, where we help you "build a better business by building a better you." 5 days a week we feature guests who are experts in life...marriage and family, health and fitness, emotional spiritual and mental health. You know...the things that we often overlook, but can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Each day you’ll get 1 Simple Thing you can do to start down the road to change. No big list, no unattainable goals. Just 1 Simple Thing.
“Entrepreneurial Loops and Spirals” with Alex Charfen

Alex Charfen warns us about what he calls “entrepreneurial loops and spirals” and the challenge of unintentional consumption. Whether it’s books, seminars, coaches, or online programs, entrepreneurs have the tendency to consume information and products unintentionally in an effort to find momentum. To combat these negative loops and spirals of wasted activity, we must increase their awareness and intention around the content we consume.

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