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Welcome to the 1 Simple Thing Podcast, where we help you "build a better business by building a better you." 5 days a week we feature guests who are experts in life...marriage and family, health and fitness, emotional spiritual and mental health. You know...the things that we often overlook, but can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Each day you’ll get 1 Simple Thing you can do to start down the road to change. No big list, no unattainable goals. Just 1 Simple Thing.
“The Formula Behind All Your Past Successes” with Alex Charfen

Alex Charfen says success leaves clues. Unfortunately, most people look at far too many of them, and it gets overwhelming. So when trying to achieve success, he wants us to understand that there is a definite formula we all use (and have used already) to create success. Once we identify that formula, we can apply it to any situation and make success not only possible but predictable.

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