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“Next Level Love” with Daniel Packard

Relationships are so vital to our lives. Being with the right person brings us joy and happiness. Being with the wrong person not only makes us miserable but can have an adverse impact on our business and every other area of life.

On this episode, Dave recaps episodes 581-584 where Trainer of Love Athletes Daniel Packard shares life-changing love lessons from his Online Course: "Next Level Love.”

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“Creating deeper love with others” with Daniel Packard

Daniel Packard talks about some practical tips to create deeper love with others. Sometimes we get the idea that we need to be different to be loved. When you think you’re not enough to be loved it doesn’t occur to you that you could just be yourself, and that somebody might actually WANT to be with you. Instead, we can feel a need to be perfect, or shiny, or smart, or get it right like we are auditioning. The reality is that you, to the right person, are priceless.

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“How do we build self-love?” with Daniel Packard

Daniel Packard says life and business can be limited by fear. If you are more comfortable with yourself and have more self-love, you’re better at sales because you’re not emotionally attached to the outcome, so it puts people at ease. You’re a better leader because you can be more magnanimous, more generous, more patient, and more compassionate. You can also be more authentic. When you love yourself more, you’re more vulnerable and transparent, and people resonate to those qualities. It also allows you to think outside the box more, and be a more creative thinker because there’s no fear of rejection or failure. Ultimately, you can bring your most valuable gift to your business place which is your unique self.

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“Becoming Less Afraid” with Daniel Packard

Daniel Packard talks about how we can be less afraid in our relationships. If you trace it, all relationship fear at its core is a fear of rejection or being hurt. But if you break it down, fear of rejection doesn’t exist. Rejection technically is someone giving you a “no,” and you relate a meaning to it. It’s not the “no” that’s scary, it’s the meaning we assign to it. And the meaning that’s so scary is the deep fear we all have that we’re not enough to be loved. When you find yourself afraid to be rejected, remind yourself that rejection doesn't exist, and it's just you making it mean something about you. And unlike other people’s actions, that’s an emotion you can have control over.

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“Your Biggest Love Mistake” with Daniel Packard

Daniel Packard talks about the biggest love mistake people make: just expecting it to “work out.” That’s the blind spot of love, because everywhere else in our lives if we want something we go out and we create it. But with love we often have a poor attitude, and it’s because we think it’s just going to “show up.” When you start to see that love - just like success or money - is a result of intentional action and a change of attitude, it starts to manifest itself.

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“The Danger in Assuming You’ve Graduated” with Stephanie Melish

Stephanie Melish says many people have the mistaken notion that, when you’ve graduated from school, you’ve learned all there is to know. But she says that’s a big mistake because truly successful people are committed to lifelong learning. The truth is that you never graduate. There are lessons to learn in your business and life every single day. Education is important, but you should also be taking the time to self-educate and absorb information. Understand that, as long as you are alive and breathing, you should have the mindset that you’re a student.

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“Being A Copycat Instead Of A Unicorn” with Stephanie Melish

Stephanie Melish talks about the difference between being a copycat and a unicorn when it comes to our business. The copycat will always be one step behind the original, and you are probably not going to win that way. But when you strive to be the unique version of yourself - the unicorn within you - you can begin to create something the world has never seen. You have a unique perspective, voice, and vision, and the world needs people who can share that vision instead of just copying someone else’s.

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“Setting The Wrong Goals” with Stephanie Melish

Stephanie Melish says setting the wrong goals can lead you to the wrong place, and that’s not what you want when you are running your own business. Stephanie recommends you start at the end with your goals and work backward. Think about the legacy you want to leave. That’s the ultimate goal for your life. Then begin to reduce that legacy into steps you can put into practice that will get you there.

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“You’re NOT a Superhuman” with Stephanie Melish

Stephanie Melish talks about a common mistake made by entrepreneurs, and that’s attempting to be superhuman. When you are leading your own path, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to be Superman or Wonder Woman. And it’s crazy to attempt to do all things and be everything to everyone in your business. We have to come to the realization that we cannot do everything and learn to ask for help.

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“Activate Your Brain” with Scott Halford

Your brain is the center of who you are. It controls your body, your health, your focus and more. If you want more from it, you have to give it what it needs. On today’s show, Dave recaps lessons Scott Halford shared on Episodes 366-369 from his book, “Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain Can Improve Your Work - and Your Life”

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