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Welcome to the 1 Simple Thing Podcast, where we help you "build a better business by building a better you." 5 days a week we feature guests who are experts in life...marriage and family, health and fitness, emotional spiritual and mental health. You know...the things that we often overlook, but can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Each day you’ll get 1 Simple Thing you can do to start down the road to change. No big list, no unattainable goals. Just 1 Simple Thing.

Learn some basic skills for how to negotiate through the obstacles of life with our kids or any people in our world.  Dr. Lynn Wicker teaches us to understand those limiting beliefs and how to adjust and create new beliefs that are more productive.


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Sometimes we don’t think intentionally; we just react emotionally to what our kids bring our way.  Today Dr. Lynn Wicker gives great advice about intentionality in our parenting.  That means deciding how we'll react to situations before they happen.

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Dr. Lynn Wicker has been an educator for over 30 years. This week she'll be teaching us from her wealth of wisdom on the skills that lead to effective parenting...and they begin with us.  Today, it's all about how our thinking leads to our parenting decisions, and how we can put the two together. 

Even if you don't have kids, this is an important topic for entrepreneurs. It is important for us to know what we want, to be intentional about how we get there, how to evaluate our results and then adjust on the fly to make sure it is working like we want to.

Dr. Lynn Wicker will help you become a better parent, and build a better business by building a better you.

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All week we've been blasting through fear with Dr. TC North. Today we get an overview on overcoming fear and becoming the confident, courageous person we're meant to be.

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Courage is something we all want. We'd like to think of ourselves as courageous, yet we probably think of ourselves as weak or fearful. Today we learn that courage is not necessarily the absence of fear, but being able to summon that resolve when we need it most.

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We are all salesmen. Whether it is negotiating a raise with our boss or negotiating a vacation with our spouse, we are all salesmen. Learn the skills to get past the fear of selling and learn how to make it a win-win situation for both parties.

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This week Dr. TC North is giving us valuable advice on blasting through fear.  Today you’ll learn about something that is less well known and understood… the fear of success. We all know and understand the fear of failure, but not all of us understand the fear of success which can be just as limiting, if not more.

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We all want to be a high-performer. But we can't achieve that level we're looking for if we are limited by fear. Today we tackle the fear of failure with executive coach Dr. T.C. North.

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Fitness Instructor and nutritionist Wendie Pett talks about how our physical, emotional, and spiritual health works together to help us become better business people.  Today we listen to highlights from the week and put a bow on a great week exploring better health in body, mind and spirit.

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Fitness Instructor and nutritionist Wendie Pett talks about how people undervalue themselves by not taking care of their body and getting the proper nutrition.

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