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Welcome to the 1 Simple Thing Podcast, where we help you "build a better business by building a better you." 5 days a week we feature guests who are experts in life...marriage and family, health and fitness, emotional spiritual and mental health. You know...the things that we often overlook, but can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Each day you’ll get 1 Simple Thing you can do to start down the road to change. No big list, no unattainable goals. Just 1 Simple Thing.

Who you are is not what you do. As business people and entrepreneurs, especially those who are self-employed, it is so easy to get our self-image wrapped up in what we do for a living. Guy Hatcher explains a better way to find our identity, and the impact that has on our legacy.

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As business people and entrepreneurs we are busy looking at our to-do list today. We get so busy trying to make a living that we sometimes forget about tomorrow...and many "tomorrows" in the future, even after we are long gone. What will our legacy be? What will be our impact on future generations in our family and in the world around us? It starts by finding and committing yourself to your strengths and talents.


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