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Welcome to the 1 Simple Thing Podcast, where we help you "build a better business by building a better you." 5 days a week we feature guests who are experts in life...marriage and family, health and fitness, emotional spiritual and mental health. You know...the things that we often overlook, but can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Each day you’ll get 1 Simple Thing you can do to start down the road to change. No big list, no unattainable goals. Just 1 Simple Thing.
“Mind Hacking” with Sir John Hargrave

Your brain is like a computer. It’s like the central processing unit for your body, mind, emotions…everything you are and do. And just like a computer, sometimes we need to change the programming to get the results we’re looking for. On today’s show, Dave recaps episodes 371-374 where Sir John Hargrave shares proven hacks that can help you change the way you think and make you more productive, positive, and happier.

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“Create a Dynamic Future” with Sir John Hargrave

Sir John Hargrave walks us through the process of setting and achieving compelling goals. It’s about imagining what you want to do with your life. Think about how important it is to figure out for yourself where you want to end up. It’s amazing how little time we all spend doing that. Instead, we just float wherever the tides of life take us. But when you start to become the master of your ship there’s no limit to what you can do.

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“Crank Up Your Confidence” with Sir John Hargrave

Sir John Hargrave says we have what he calls “loops,” or ongoing, habitual messages we tell ourselves. Usually, they’re just below the level of conscious awareness, embedded in our operating system. He shares a trick to help us develop more awareness of those loops, helping us find the ones that are preventing us from getting where we want to go. We can then reprogram those loops with their more positive alternative.

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“Crack Down on Distractions” with Sir John Hargrave

There’s no end to the digital distractions that surround us. And research shows that the more distracted you are and the more you try to multitask, the less you get done. If you want to be effective and live up to your full potential, get rid of those distractions. Turn it all off and you’ll be more focused and happier.

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“Develop Jedi Focus” with Sir John Hargrave

Studies show that meditation makes you healthier, makes your relationships better, and makes you calmer and more focused. Sir John Hargrave teaches a concentration hack to strengthen that “top-down” attention to make ourselves better able to stay focused on the things we want, like our tasks at work. It also helps us resist those “bottom-up” interruptions like random thoughts and text messages that jump out at us constantly.

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“Activate Your Brain” with Scott Halford

Your brain is the center of who you are. It controls your body, your health, your focus and more. If you want more from it, you have to give it what it needs. On today’s show, Dave recaps lessons Scott Halford shared on Episodes 366-369 from his book, “Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain Can Improve Your Work - and Your Life”

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“How to Fuel Up Your Brain” with Scott Halford

Author Scott Halford talks about the impact food and exercise have on the health of our brain. Our body manufactures none of the nutrients our brain needs to operate well every day, they all come from food, water, and exercise. On today’s show, you’ll learn how your body and brain are linked and why, when you are constantly in a high stressed situation, the result is usually physical sickness. You’ll also learn a simple breathing technique that can reset the stress response in our brain. You’ll also learn the single most important thing you can do for your brain.

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“Your Brain Needs Sleep” with Scott Halford

Author Scott Halford says when it comes to the health of your brain, the captain of the ship is sleep. Whether you feel like you have time for it or not, your brain needs you to rest. You severely limit your ability to concentrate and focus when you don’t get enough sleep, and a chronic lack of sleep can even lead to dementia. Sleep is an eraser of stress, and it’s also a consolidator. It allows us to download and consolidate all the thoughts and memories from the day, so we become smarter when we sleep.

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“Say Goodbye to Distractions” with Scott Halford

Our whole world is busy, complicated and filled with distractions. The temptation is to multitask in order to get it all done. But our brains don’t operate that way. You can only have one conscious thought at a time – that’s it. Multi-tasking is a myth. You can quickly switch between two things, but instead of getting two things done at once, you'll only be doing two things unwell. Author Scott Halford says it’s important to manage the distractions if accuracy and excellence are crucial to the task at hand. Turn of everything that can pop-up into your visual perspective.

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“Change Your Relationship With Stress” with Scott Halford

Author Scott Halford says how you look at something can predict how your body responds to it. If you have a big proposal coming up and “sigh,” that’s an indication you’re telling yourself, “This sucks and I don’t want to do it.” But if you have a “bring it on!” attitude it can be very energizing. You will begin to have a different relationship with the things that stress you out. Your mindset does matter. You’re feeding your brain either with a positive or negative message. Your brain is going to respond to that priming, and you will act accordingly.

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“Leading with Intention” with Mindy Hall

Dave shares his thoughts based on his conversation this week with Dr. Mindy Hall. Leadership doesn’t happen by accident; it happens because you take the time to know who you are and how you want to lead. Others won’t just “get it,” you have to present who you are and lead with intention.

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“Shaping a Culture or Letting Culture Shape You” with Mindy Hall

Dr. Mindy Hall talks about how an organization’s culture is one of the most powerful levers leaders have for impacting performance. Culture is the social energy built over time that can move people to act or impede them from acting. An organization’s culture is never neutral; it will develop by design or default. The question for leaders then is whether they will actively shape their organization’s culture, or allow themselves to be shaped by it. Culture is not a program that gets implemented; it is built through everyday actions and messaging.

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“Managing the Story of You” with Mindy Hall

Dr. Mindy Hall talks about what we all know, that perception is reality. Leaders often say, “I’ll let my hard work speak for itself.” That’s a nice sentiment, but the reality is that hard work often doesn’t speak for itself (or at least it doesn’t tell the whole story). You have to speak for your hard work. Hard work can never stand alone as the indicator of ability; to think otherwise is naïve and self-defeating. You must actively shape the perception others have of you and your abilities, not in a self-aggrandizing way, but in a way that does not leave the story of you to be shaped by others.

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“Choose Your Impact” with Mindy Hall

Dr. Mindy Hall talks about how every interaction is an opportunity. Every action has an impact. Every moment is a choice. Are you choosing the impact you want to have? Often, leaders are rushing from meeting to meeting with no real sense of what they’re walking into or the contribution they want to make. This leaves both the outcomes of the meeting and their own performance to chance. They miss the opportunity to lead from a conscious state and intentionally shape how others perceive them as a leader.

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“Notice Yourself” with Mindy Hall

Dr. Mindy Hall says from experience that nearly 80 percent of leaders do not lead intentionally. They are bright, capable leaders that operate out of intuition, pattern, and reaction. Some do so with very strong results, but those who make the decision to be more self-aware and intentional achieve higher-level results than those who continue to operate primarily from intuition. Developing this aptitude is possible and begins the moment you look in the mirror and begin the process of understanding how you show up, how you affect a room, and what environment you create. In short: notice yourself.

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“It’s Time to THRIVE” with Clay Clark

So many of us are barely surviving. That’s no way to live. You don’t have to put up with merely surviving when you can thrive. On today’s show, Dave recaps episodes 356-359 and his highly energetic and entertaining conversations with author Clay Clark, as he shares lessons from his book, “Thrive: How to Take Control of Your Destiny and Move Beyond Surviving... Now!”

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“Anniversaries at Waffle House” with Clay Clark

Clay Clark talks about avoiding the creation of an uninspiring vision. If you are in the “Waffle House” (explained in the episode) of business, self-employment, or your career right now, you have to get out of there. You need to move on and create a vision that inspires you, then commit to getting there. It might take you five years, but you need to start with a vision for your life.

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“The Power of Meta Time” with Clay Clark

Author & Entrepreneur Clay Clark talks about how important it is to schedule a time to think and plan. Schedule "meta-time" each day.  Take a timeout to get out of where you are and think above and beyond your current circumstances. Think about where you want to be in the distant future so you can take small, consistent steps toward it.

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“Duplicating Your Day” with Clay Clark

Author & Entrepreneur Clay Clark says the success or failure of a person can be found in their daily schedule. In addition to being a meticulous time manager, Clay says we need to have these three things together: A file system, a process, and an appointed time for action. And if you lack in any of these areas, start focusing on becoming the best you can be in that field.

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“Your Daily Checklist” with Clay Clark

Clay Clark says you need to have more rocks in your schedule (you’ll understand what a “rock” is as you listen to the show.) His point is to fill up our schedule with the things that mean the most, rather than to allow our time to be filled with small distractions that keep us from accomplishing our big goals.

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“Top 10 of 2015 - Number 1 - Julia Loggins”

We’re counting down the top 10 episodes of 2015 on the 1 Simple Thing podcast. Today is number 1 on the list. Episode 290: It Takes Guts To Be Happy. We hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays!


For us to find the success we desire, we have to be healthy & full of energy. If you’re not, then we have some tips for you on this episode of 1 Simple Thing. Today Dave Kirby recaps his conversation with Julia Loggins on episodes 286 - 289, plus shares some of his own thoughts on getting our body to be its own healer.

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